Your dock is the center of your summer activities. Galv-A-Dock gives waterfront property owners peace of mind that they have the most durable, comfortable, attractive, and user friendly dock system available.

Our modular dock system can be set up in an unlimited number of various configurations that can be easily expanded and redesigned in future years.

Our products are extreme weather resistant, maintenance free, cooler to the touch, and environmentally friendly… Making us the family friendly option!


Galv-A-Dock framework is the backbone of the system and is unequaled in strength and durability. The Galv-A-Dock framework features custom milled pipe that is 20% lighter in weight and has greater than twice the strength of conventional (schedule 40) pipe. This minimizes bending, allowing for a straight and level dock year after year. The Galv-A-Dock one piece welded steel dock brackets ensure maximum framework strength. The brackets and pipe are hot-dipped galvanized to prevent rust, ensuring it to be a maintenance free system, and creating for a longer life span of the dock. The Zinc-plated steel setscrews are double coated with RIE and our specially formulated anti-seize lubricant that eliminates any chance of frozen setscrews and rust for years to come.


The Galv-A-Dock one piece molded plastic deck provides an anti-slip texture surface, which is comfortable for walking bare foot on, sitting on, or sunbathing. Galv-A-Dock decking is aesthetically consistent and clean looking, year after year. Because the Galv-A-Dock plastic decking is longer lasting, there will be less cost over its lifespan. It’s also durable and maintenance-free so your Galv-A-Dock system provides the maximum protection for your boat.


Galv-A-Dock  boathouses are totally engineered to the dock system. The combined strength of the light weight galvanized steel boathouse and dock have provided the ultimate protection for boats from Mother Nature’s harsh elements. The boathouse is available in various lengths, widths and heights to fit your boat. The heavy-duty vinyl has electro-welded seams that create a solid piece of strength and durability. With one walkway covered, your boat is easy to secure, access and maintain.


The Galv-A-Dock Four-Step Ladder is a one-piece ladder with steps that are ergonomically designed for foot comfort and maximum foot contact to reduce the possibility of slipping when climbing out of the water.

The Galv-A-Dock 8’ long molded plastic bench is comfortable and cool to the touch with no sharp edges, offering a safe seating area for family and friends. Our benches are designed to hang over the water so it does not take up any decking area.

The Galv-A-Dock Triangle Dock Locker Box is designed to hang over the water on the inside corner of an opened or covered slip. It is large enough to store water skis, wake boards, life jackets, ski ropes, and any other gear up to 300 pounds. The box keeps equipment protected from the outdoor elements.

The Galv-A-Dock Paddleboard/Kayak/Canoe/Sailboard Rack is a secure way to store any small non-motorized water craft. The Rack hangs over the water keeping the deck area free of watercrafts.

Is our deck really maintenance free?

Yes, not only is maintenance free, we have gone a step further to have all of the Galv-A-Dock steel fasteners double coated, offering a longer lasting finish, along with the setscrews having our specially formulated lubricant that outlast what other dock companies have to offer. An on-going season after season of easy adjustability will allow dock installers an easier and faster time frame of each customer installation and removal.

Tell me about the Galv-A-Dock warranty

The warranty provides 100% replacement of the steel parts for 25 years and 10 years for the molded plastic components from the date of the initial installation. The boathouse vinyl is covered with a 8 year warranty and is prorated. The warranty can be passed on to a new homeowner if the Galv-A-Dock is at the same location as is on the original invoice, provided the dock is removed seasonally by a certified installer or by the customers themselves.

Additional Facts

  • Galv-a-Dock docks are known to withstand winds in excess of 100mph – a key factor during storm season!
  • Surface temperature averages 30+ cooler than other docks (perfect for Florida’s hottest days!
  • Longest lasting product of all the decking surfaces available
  • One solid deck, not separate components fastened together
  • Consistent, rigid deck with anti-slip textured surface
  • Built-in bumper protection, with molded round edges
  • Most durable decking surface available that will not break under impact
  • Friendliest to the feet, no sharp edges
  • Pleasant to the ears, no squeaks or harsh metallic ring
  • Environmentally friendly, no toxic side effects
  • No decay, splits, cracks, or splinters